Article on English School’s Contribution to the International Relations

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Article on English School’s Contribution to the of International Relations.

The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Formulating the guidelines for International relations need the contribution of the experts and academicians, who are able to make comparisons and come up with a workable framework, which the learning institutions could use. Therefore, the paper assesses the contribution to the study of International Relations made by the English School. In pioneering the studies on IR, the English School became a research enterprise for scholars who had pertinent concerns about the relations among states.


Notably, the English School (ES) has been at the forefront in formulating approaches to studying international relations. Their approach is probably different from the one applied in other institutions. In fact, it is well known that their approach is more comprehensive and diverse than the way, in which other scholars have so far recognized. Within the practice of International Relations, their approach and contributions as conventional wisdom that other institutions could hardly achieve. In essence, they disseminate the information about IR through media, by taking polarized positions, including the rationalists, the proponents and the Gratian’s. Each camp had a view on frameworks and policy matters affecting international relations, across global diversity.

Despite their explanations taking a theoretical outlook, it was relatively important for different views to be accommodated to bring the reality of the matter, other than taking a partial stand that does not give room for criticisms. Using such labels, each camp would present their argument through the media on the kind of society they would like most countries to embrace. Since the use of media exposes the School’s approach and programs on IR to the majority, it increased their publicity and made the debate on issues relating to IR to be open to criticism. Through this, they were able to achieve a practical based approach to the study of IR that other institutions could embrace. Frequently, the critics intervene in the debate and shade more light on the issue, and propose alternative methods of raising the people’s awareness of the international community.

Therefore, it would be through the practice that the School achieved the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of relations among different nations.

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