Aristotle’s De Anima

PLEASE COMPLETE WITHIN AN HOURBASED ON Aristotle’s De AnimaTHIS IS A TIMED QUIZ! PLEASE HELP! THERE WILL BE VERY GOOD TIP IF I GET A GOOD GRADE!(WORD BANK)rational — common sensible — concrete — abstract — memory — imaginaton — brain — nutrition — aversion — incidental — precise — thought –hierarchy — appetite — sensation — contradiction — analogy — locomotion1) The desire for a particular object is called ____________________________.4)In Aristotle’s view, soul can persist in a higher realm after the death of the body. TRUE OR FALSE?5) 13) Running Head: Aristotle De Anima 1|Page Aristotle De AnimaInstitution AffiliationStudent Name Running Head: Aristotle De Anima 2|Page BASED ON Aristotle’s De AnimaTHIS IS A TIMED QUIZ! PLEASE…

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