Arab and Israeli conflict

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Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question:

Arab and Israeli conflict. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. ending being Arab states, it was evident from the beginning that there would be conflict due to the subdivision of the land and this conflict over land (as one of the main reasons for the Israel-Arab conflict) continues until present with the Palestinians claiming a portion of the land between the West Banka and Gaza strip as theirs but the Israelis remaining adamant over it. This conflict has continued amid the numerous efforts to broker peace (by even international bodies like the United Nations and the superpowers: US and UK) including signing peace treaties. The phrase in discussion emanates from the Sykes-Picot agreement to subdivide the Ottoman Empire land into different zones which ultimately led to an unending war and conflict since 1916.

This essay is going to discuss in detail this Arab-Israeli conflict including the efforts towards fostering peace through peace treaties and how that has evidently failed to present. This problem started in 1923 when the British subdivided the land which was originally to be Palestine land according to the Ottoman Empire into two: the larger portion (75% of the land) was awarded to the Palestinians and 25% to the Jews (which are the Israelis). This subdivision did not go very well with other Arab countries nationalists who claimed that this was unfair and they did not want to share the land in any way (despite the Jews having been the first occupants of that land from the 19th Century and it is them who paved way for the currently numerous Arabs occupying that area).

The claim of this strip of land that was on the West side of the Jordan river is what has led to this seemingly unending “head to head” war between the Arabs and the Israelis with each side refusing to give up.

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