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Write an essay on Application Form (f). It needs to be at least 1250 words.During my second year in college, the course of study required every student to complete three different projects by the end of the first semester. I knew that I could not complete my projects in time and study for my finals as well, if I managed my time poorly by procrastinating and wasting time. The projects were also very crucial in my entire studies. therefore, I had to deliver quality work. I was determined to change my ways, therefore, sought help from my friends and read a lot of reading materials on time management. I found out that the first thing I had to do was to avoid procrastination. I decided to embark on the projects immediately after they were delegated. Second, I had to prioritise different tasks according to their importance. This was very helpful, as I was able to determine the tasks that required more attention. Thirdly, I knew that I had to complete the tasks excellently to avoid repeating them. This was a way of reducing time wastage. As I approached the middle of the semester, I had completed two projects and was halfway through with the most difficult one. I had ample time to study for my finals and by utilising time management skills, I was able to read thoroughly and pass excellently.At the end of my second year, I decided to join a summer internship at a local accounting firm, as it provided relevant learning opportunities in my field of study. All the students who were attending the internship program were placed into different teams, which were expected to work together in solving the problems presented. In our team, we decided that we should share leadership, as we considered every individual to possess equal leadership skills. However, many problems emerged from our team, as some team members became disrespectful, others disputed the process of delegating duties and some team members failed to complete their tasks. A particular team member tried to force his way into leading the team, but no one

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