APA style on Religion and Women’s Rights

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Religion and Women’s Rights.

This is why it is essential to promote equality all over the world and in all cultures. However, according to the objections raised to the United Nation’s Women’s Treaty, many countries are unwilling to deal with them domestically. It is evident from their reservations that women’s rights are taboo talk even in countries where religion does not rule. This issue is mostly dominated by society and culture with a lot of guidance from religious practices. Despite women empowerment successes, many problems still exist in political, social, and economic arenas. This issue must be tackled internationally because these problems exist for all women of the world and must be solved irrespective of their religion, culture, or nationality. For example, women get paid less than men despite working more. women are more affected by poverty and are denied the right to be educated from a young age. (Den)It has been 30 years since “the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women” (CEDAW) was implemented and agreed upon by all countries in the United Nations General Assembly.

It can be considered an international step and legislation for equal civil liberties and rights for women. However, despite the articles set forth by the convention, many girls and women still do not have similar prospects to men. In many of these countries, women cannot inherit property and subject to honor killings and genital mutilations. Women are denied the right to get health care just because of their gender. It is evident from the everyday news, even from developed countries, that no conventions, plans, goals, and conferences are doing much for women’s rights anywhere in the world. (“The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women”)Gender equality is important because it means healthier, happier, and stronger women.

This leads to a better rate of child survival and development of the society. However, there will not be any sustainable progress unless we fix the failures in our cultural and religious systems so that women and girls can get equal access to health, learning and employment. Human Rights Watch also describes that some countries claim to do a lot for the women but these claims are never backed up by a change in policies thus undermining the rights of women even more (Shah).Gender equality is connected to sustainable development. Without it, human rights cannot be recognized.

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