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Using MLA format, create an annotated bibliography at the end of your paper with entries for each of the 5 information sources. An annotation is a brief summary of the main idea(s) in the book/article and a description of why the information source will be useful for your paper. The annotation you write for each of your 5 information sources should be about 1 paragraph in length. You will need to read the articles and browse the books so you can explain the content of each information source. Do not simply paraphrase or copy a summary or abstract available online. There is a help file posted with this assignment with more information about formatting your bibliography.Example Annotated Bibliography Entry:Adams, Samuel, John Adams and Paul Revere and edited by G. I. History “The Importance of Beer and Taverns in the American Revolution.” American Journal of Social History. 97.3 (2008), 354-382. Social History Full Text. This article discusses the importance of beer and taverns in bringing together discussion of the American Rebellion. It draws on the firsthand experience of three Revolutionaries and their experiences in the pub. The article includes discussion of social class in where one would congregate. This article is useful for my research project because it is the only article I have discovered that contains firsthand information from people alive during this time period.

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