Annotated bibliography

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Your paper requires that you use at least 10 references –  Click the Library Resources on the navigation bar.  Develop a full annotated outline of the paper including sections in which each resource will be used.  Note that you can find many examples of how to build an annotated bibliography.  Your Bibliography should be about 3 double-spaced pages in length as a guideline.   Here is more information –  Please read the attached Main Document. In the document you see Milestone section, and you need to write a document about week 5 in that section(Milestone). Week 3 is already written and the organisation choosed is “CLOUDFLARE” .  Week 3(Milestone 1) document is attached as well for reference. Read Main document thoroughly and then read Milestone 1, then it will be very easy to write the required document.Please write the document in regards to Information Governance. that is my subject.

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