Analysis of coca cola

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Write 4 page essay on the topic Analysis of coca cola.The vision aims at creating great workplace, nurturing networks with partners, improving productivity, maximising return to shareowners while ensuring corporate responsibility in order to build sustainable communities (Kozami, 2005).Stakeholder is any person or group who can affect or is affected by the actions of an organization. Primary stakeholders continuously participate in the organization while secondary stakeholders do not engage directly with the organization, but they either influence or are affected by the organization (Srivastava & Verma, 2012). Primary stakeholders are impacted either positively or negatively by the decisions of the management while the secondary stakeholders play an intermediary role, but are positively affected by the outcome of managerial decisions. Stakeholder analysis enables companies to identity the changing interests of stakeholders, identify the potential risks and implement measures that will satisfy the stakeholdersÂ’ needs (Srivastava & Verma, 2012). The analysis will identify the actual and potential conflict of interests and relationships among several stakeholders.Shareholders- These are primary stakeholders since they are the owners of the companies by virtue of contributing capital (Srivastava & Verma, 2012). They have a direct interest in the company and are interested in receiving acceptable return of their investment through dividend payments and appreciation of their share values (Kozami, 2005). Coca Cola is committed to ensuring high profitability in order to maximize the return to shareholders.Customers- these are primary stakeholders since they create demand for company products and their actions will influence the revenues and profitability of the company. The customers are interested in receiving value-added and high quality products at fair prices (Srivastava & Verma, 2012). Coca Cola Company must offer high quality products and ensure customer convenience in order to

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