Analysis of a video

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For this project, you must write a 2-3 page double-spaced analysis of a video. You need to: Identify a video/DVD (from YouTube or elsewhere, like the Films on Demand Links to an external site. database in the PCC Library) It is recommended that you select a 10 minute video clip. Provide a short summary of the video/DVD (What is the video about? Why did you select your video? Clarity is important!) Separately, explain how Comte, Marx and Durkheim would view – interpret your video/DVD. Thoroughly explain using sociological concepts/terms. (You may write as much as possible.). Use a separate paragraph for Comte, Marx and Durkheim. Which paradigm (Functionalism, Social Conflict or Symbolic Interaction) is most represented in your video/DVD? Explain.


Do not select a video that focuses on Comte, Marx and Durkheim. Why? You are using these theorists to analyze your video. What type of video clip should I select? Drama, comedy, music, documentary, home video, you-tube video, sport, relationships, school, prison, police, etc. (Please provide link). Please post your final document with all the above information included. Note: The structure and organization of your paper is located in files (Project 1: Video/DVD Analysis) Project 1 Video DVD Analysis, Structure and Organization of Paper.docx Actions

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