Aeneid symbolism between Augustus and Aeneas

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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses To what extent is the Aeneid symbolism of the Augustan regime and the association between Augustus and Aeneas.Symbolically, the course of the epic mirrors the real historical events that connect the death of Julius Caesar, the chaotic struggle of power that followed, and the rise to of the Augustan regime.The establishment of the Augustan regime was a culmination of political tragedies and uncertainties that followed the death of Julius Caesar. The demise of Caesar led to the emergency of power struggle between Augustus on the one hand, Antony, and Cleopatra on the other. The lengthy power struggle led to the emergence of Augustus as the lone victor. He proceeded to consolidate power and establish a prosperous reign over the Roman Empire. In the estimation of many historians, the triumphs and challenges that he encountered and his eventual end as the ruler was not only a testament of his bravery and fighting spirit but also a measure of wisdom and courage, which comprised the hallmark qualities of leadership as understood within the Roman context. As such, it might be argued that many of the challenges encountered by Caesar were a manifestation of his drive towards the establishment of a strong empire that would quell the unease and the unrest that followed the assassination of Julius Caesar.Comparably, the character of Hector, as understood within the element of symbolism, stands in for Julius Caesar. Although Julius Caesar is remembered more for his wisdom than for war antics, the great respect, admiration, and adoration, he commanded mirrors nearly perfectly with the kind of honor that Hector enjoyed among the Trojans. Repeatedly, Virgil shows the manner in which HectorÂ’s spirit helped propel Aeneas to great heights of victory and courage2. In essence, a part of Aeneas was attached to Caesar in a way that affirmed the latterÂ’s support and endorsement to the former. Aeneas derived courage and strength from the inspiration

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