Accounting vocabulary

E5-15 Using accounting vocabularyCredit Terms FOB Destinationinvoice Cost of Goods SoldNet Sales RevenuePurchase AllowanceFOB Shipping Point . Wholesaler mmwewewwr‘ . Purchase Discount _sO . Retailer a. The cost of the merchandise inventory that the businesshas sold to customers. b. An amount granted to the purchaser as an incentive tokeep goods that are not ”as ordered." c. A type of merchandiser that buys merchandise eitherfrom a manufacturer or a wholesaler and then sells thosegoods to consumers. d. A situation in which the buyer takes ownership (title) atthe delivery destination point. e. A type of merchandiser that buys goods frommanufacturers and then sells them to retailers. f. A discount that businesses offer to purchasers as anincentive for early payment. 9. A situation in which the buyer takes title to the goodsafter the goods leave the seller’s place of business. h. The terms of purchase or sale as stated on the invoice. i. The amount a company has made on sales ofmerchandise inventory after returns and allowances anddiscounts have been taken out. i. A seller’s request for cash from the purchaser.

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