A Wedding Ceremony and Theatre

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Write an essay on A Wedding Ceremony and Theatre. Paper must be at least 1000 words. This paper stresses that&nbsp.theatre is an integral aspect of human life. From a broader perspective, theatre can be said to be everywhere around people. A wedding ceremony is an excellent example of a theatrical performance that the bride and the bridegroom perform unwittingly to the guests. At the same time, the guests to a wedding are an audience to the performance of the bride and the bridegroom, their respective family members, bridesmaids, priest, and groomsmen. In a wedding situation, there is meticulous planning prior to the actual ceremony. A wedding planning phase can be considered as a period when both the bride and bridegroom and their respective families go through the ‘script’ of the scheduled ‘performance’.&nbsp.This essay discusses that&nbsp.the bridegroom and the bride and their respective families send invitation cards to their close friends and kin. The wedding invitation cards, in a theatre scenario, symbolize ‘tickets’ of entry to the ‘performance arena’ which in reality is the venue of the wedding ceremony. Critical perspectives of typical wedding ceremonies across societies around the world reflect some theatrical elements that include: uniforms or costumes, spectators and performers, and a ritualistic framework.&nbsp.In the United States for instance, several factors such as culture, social norms, and culture forms the basis of the majority wedding ceremonies.&nbsp.Before the wedding ceremony, most brides have ceremonies that are commonly identified as ‘bridal showers’.

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