A Voyage Long and Strange

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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses A Voyage Long and Strange: on the Trail of Vikings, Conquistadors, Lost Colonists, and Other Adventurers in Early America, by Tony Horwitz.It tries to establish any changes in treatment that occurred during this time and the different reasons that led to the differences in the interactions.The interactions of the different people led to the discovery of the current America. Through these interactions, the Americans reacted in different ways that led to the various behaviors of the different races involved in developing it to discovery. The struggle through which America obtained independence filled with difficulties and strange occurrences hence the choice of the heading a Voyage Long and Strange.Historically, Europeans discovered America. The story of discovery dwells on the occurrences that led to the discovery of the nation. Interactions between the Native Americans and the Europeans is the center of the discovery. The story of discovery in this book starts with the discussion of Eirik a fugitive that fled from Norway as a result of killings taking place (Horwitz, p.11). The encounters that Eirik had with the Native Americans at the time led to a number of deaths. Through these interactions that raised volatility within the natives and the Norwegian, different movements made led to the discovery of other places such as the Greenland. Through these movements, Eirik establishes trade with Europe that led to the development of the trade in luxury goods. The interactions grew into a fertile relationship that saw the associations of the different races of people in the country grow favorable.Aspects of religion too created tensions. An example of the religious issues present during these times includes the differences that arose between Eirik and the wife. The wife converted to Christianity and the Christian believes by then did not allow pagans to have sex with Christians. The wife considered Eirik a pagan due to the religious beliefs prevalent then.The other people that

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