A Career In Psychology

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Compose a 500 words essay on A Career In Psychology. Being accepted in a medical institution does not only rely on academic and scholastic records but also on the experience in a counseling environment as well. It is based on this that as I continue with my undergraduate studies, I have been doing volunteer work in various hospitals. hence, applying what I have learned in class with ease. I have learned that although monetary rewards are essential, there is more satisfaction that stems from seeing people smiling in appreciation when you help them. Additionally, I believe that a career with open opportunities to serve the community will help me in gaining more incentives and improving myself in related fields. With this, I am looking forward to graduating this summer to ensure that I kick-start my master’s program. I am highly drawn to your institution because of the interesting programs in psychology that are offered and practical platforms to enhance related skills. Moreover, the institution values diversity and teamwork, which is reflected by the flexible courses that you provide. I plan to maximize on such flexibility by taking advantage of the opportunities offered and contributing to the university¬ís successful alumni network. I am fully aware of the exceptional reputation of the university and my inquiries with other students have deepened my interest in being part of your institution. I believe that your master’s program is based on first-rate research and offers students innovative and reliable approaches to theory as well as practice.

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