5 fallacies about racism

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Answer the following questions in complete sentences.1. Identify and define at least 5 fallacies about racism.2. What areas of life does racism affect?3. Define the two types of racism (institutional and interpersonal).4. What is symbolic violence when it comes to race?5. At one time Jews dominated basketball; now it is a game almost exclusively for African Americans. The text authors identify at least two reasons why both of these groups came to dominate the game? What are those reasons?6. Which group of people erected the original section of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.?7. List at least 5 examples of how whiteness surrounds us though it often goes unnamed.8. Define the phrase “white privilege.” Give at least 3 examples.9. Who wrote, “Color is not a human or personal reality; it is a political reality.”10. Why do the authors argue that race is a symbolic category?11. What is the difference between race and ethnicity?12. Briefly describe the case of Abdullah Dolla.13. Has race always remained a fixed category in the U.S. or is it more fluid?14. Who is Tim Wise?15. He argues that before 1600 there was no such thing as the white race. What happened to change this?16. What were indentured servants? Where did they come from?17. According to Wise, what was the U.S. Civil War fought over?18. Name a few of the “carrots” slave owners threw out to poor whites.19. How did slavery undermine white working class job?20. What did Chalmette, Louisiana do after Hurricane Katrina to keep the town white?Instructions: write answers from the video only and please write full sentences.  if you miss one question i get a zero for the assignment

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