5 Contingencies

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Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic THERE ARE 5 KEY CONTINGENCIES. TO WHAT EXTENT CAN MANAGERS IGNORE OR MEDIATE THESE CONTEXTUAL FACTORS UNDER WHAT GENERAL CONDITIONS MIGHT MANAGERS BE FORCED TO RESPOND TO THESE FACTORS.The imperatives of the fast changing perspectives in managerial leadership within an organization have become vital to its impact on the performance outcome of the employees and organization, as a whole.Hitherto, managerial leadership or managers were solely responsible to achieving the targeted production and efficient administration through a well defined rational analysis,planning and decision making which distinctly lacked consideration and importance of human interaction in the organizational culture. Today the equation seems to have changed and ‘we approach managerial leadership as a relational, ongoing social construction process rather than as a single clear cut phenomenon’ (Sjostrand and Tyrstrup, 2001). The various aspects of the interactive elements of the organization, work together to produce a cohesive, output representing the organizations unique objectives and goals.The different contextual factors vis-à-vis size, technology, environment, diversification and globalization are vital elements that have significant impact on the managerial decision making. Organisation’s performance outcome is directly related with the size of its workforce that may be working within well defined parameters of organizational structure. The stratified but focused division of labour within the organization is an intrinsic part of management strategy to achieve the organisation’s goals and objectives. The strategy of the managerial leadership to transform the workforce into human capital is being accepted as an inherent part of organisational culture.The changing socio-economic environment made it necessary that more consideration be paid to socio-cultural and political environment so that the requirements of the people became the focal point in the development of strategy. McGregor has been emphatic that proactive participation of the workforce in the decision making is imperative for

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