3800 discuss 2 part 1

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Write an argumentative essay on 3800 discuss 2 part 1. Needs to be 1 pages. The body of the victim should then be photographed and each piece of photo placed differently. The photos should depict any physical injury that may be on the body of the victim. Physical medical examination on the body is then carried out. This includes the collection of hair and fiber that may be on the body. Fingernail scrapings and dental floss should be collected. This is done by the use of wooden sticks. The collection of urine and sweat samples on the victim is also done. The medical officer should retrieve any traces of fluid on the victim’s body. Internal fluids are then collected. The collection should be mainly done on the mouth, vaginal or anal cavity (Schiro, 2015). The labeling of each fluid should be accurate.In the instance where the incidence has occurred in the bedroom, any piece bedding should be collected. Spreaders, bed sheets and comforters should be analyzed for any fluid traces. They are then air dried and packaged differently. To ensure that the no traces of evidence are lost during collection and packaging, the collector should use the side lighting technique (Schiro,

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