21st century American tribes

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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses 21st century American tribes.The people are said to have migrated from Eurasia by crossing a land bridge that separated it from Asia and which is the current Alaska. Those that migrated to North America were hunters and eventually spread to the rest of the continent establishing diverse cultures. Some of them over the years continued to be nomadic while other became hunters and gatherers.The natives significantly advanced in agriculture, aquaculture and craftsmanship. Their dynamics involved diverse cultures consisting of rich languages that were distinct, dressing, art, music, architecture and games. In the 15th century, their interaction with the European settlers led to the establishment of colonies which gave rise to infectious diseases and conflicts. Some of the natives joined the war against the French and were affected by the American Revolution (Zott, pg.78). In the 19th century, the continent expanded westwards and therefore the natives were removed, reserved and forcefully assimilated by the government leading to a change in culture, loss of heritage and more conflicts.In the 20th century, further attempts to civilize the Native Americans involved less force but led to cruelties and discriminations of the people. Currently, there are several cultures that make the US and various activists are involved in trying to improve the lives of Native Ame3ricans by increasing employment and industry.The original inhabitants of the continent had rich customs and contributed widely to the conservation of the environment. Most of the nomadic people were not involved in raids. Their agricultural practices involved conservation methods such as the use of domestic manure as opposed to the current agricultural practices. Their consumption composed of natural foods, meat, olives and salmon. There meals were composed of soup made of local ingredients and bread which was prepared from ground cornmeal and water. Despite their numerous catch of the fish. they

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